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How to choose a wedding photographer


When you decide to get married one of the most important choices you have to make is choosing the right wedding photographer. In years to come your wedding album will be the only thing you have to remember your special day.

As a professional wedding photographer of course I would recommend a professional shoots your wedding rather that someone who “does weddings” at the weekend to earn some extra cash. A lot of amateurs may have good cameras but there is far more to shooting a wedding than a good camera.

A professional photographer is able to cope with the unexpected for example equipment failure, wet weather, remember there is only one opportunity to shoot your special day there is no rehearsal or second chance. Also a professional photographer will have third party liability and professional indemnity insurance which is actually a requirement at some wedding venues.

Wedding photography styles

Choosing the style of your wedding photography may seem confusing at first so I hope this short article will help explain the different options available to you and also help you choose your wedding photographer.

Traditional or classic wedding photography

Typically this style was very popular in the film days and concentrated on the key moments of the day and group shots that are posed making the images look very formal and stiff. This style also involves a hands on approach from the photographer and rarely captures candid shots. Traditional wedding photography gives a repeatable set of images between different weddings.

Reportage or documentary style wedding photography

Wedding photojournalism has minimal involvement from the photographer, essentially capturing the day as it unfolds enabling them to capture your day discreetly from a distance, essentially telling the story of your day through a set of images. Typically this style won’t include any posed or group shots.

Contemporary or modern wedding photography

Modern wedding photography has a much more relaxed and informal approach which captures the fun and candid moments of the day as well as the formal shots, with less intervention from the photographer. This style captures your personalities as well as producing more stylised images. This style of wedding photography is very popular currently.

So what’s my style?

Essentially my style is a combination of documentary and contemporary with a creative twist! Let me explain, certain parts of the day are naturally shot in a documentary style such as the bridal preparations, the ceremony, cutting of the cake and first dance.

The locational shoot between the ceremony and reception is where we have fun capturing natural looking images with just gentle direction from me if required using a combination of natural light as well as off camera flash to produce a more stylised set of images. I’m also happy to shoot any group photo’s you wish as well as always looking out for those special candid fun moments. Often some of the best light is during the wedding breakfast so I aim to get some fun shots of you both outside between coffee and desert. I’m also keen to capture the party atmosphere beyond the first dance.


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